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Here I will share another compilation of contemporary celtic music with a more 'traditional feel' from various artists. Celtic Odyssey is an exemplary example of contemporary celtic music at it's finest. The albums Celtic Quest and Celtic Renaissance are music infused with the sounds of nature from around Ireland. If you are like me, this kind of music has been 'encoded into your own DNA', and perhaps it will be as compelling and enjoyable to you as it is to me.

You may listen to all--or each piece individually by clicking each link. You may also download each selection by putting your cursor over the link and clicking on the 'right-button' of your mouse and selecting the 'save as' option. You may save all--or select files to one or more folders on your computer and play each--or the entire collection locally on your computer by setting up a Media Player playlist of your own choosing or record an mp3 disc. [ Detailed Instructions ]

1) Celtic Odyssey, Carolan's Ramble to Cashel

2) Celtic Odyssey, The Butterfly

3) Celtic Odyssey, Donal Morag, The New Rigged Ship

4) Celtic Odyssey, Calliope House, The Cowboy Jig

5) Celtic Odyssey, Chuaigh Me 'Na Rosann

6) Celtic Odyssey, Trip To Skye

7) Celtic Odyssey, Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie?

8) Celtic Odyssey, Tribute To Peadar O'Donnell

9) Celtic Odyssey, Siun Ni Dhuibhir

10) Celtic Odyssey, Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda

11) Celtic Odyssey, The York Reel, Dancing Feet

12) Celtic Odyssey, Morghan Meaghan

13) Celtic Odyssey, Strathgarry

14) Celtic Quest, Si Beag Si Mor

15) Celtic Quest, Foxhunters

16) Celtic Quest, Saddle the Pony

17) Celtic Quest, Lord Gordon

18) Celtic Quest, Breton Tune

19) Celtic Quest, Moon Coin

20) Celtic Quest, Sally Garden

21) Celtic Quest, Kid on the Mountain

22) Celtic Quest, Scatter the Mud

23) Celtic Quest, Crowley’s Reel Reprise

24) Celtic Quest, Southwind

25) Celtic Quest, Hedigean's Fancy

26) Celtic Quest, Muenster Cloak

27) Celtic Quest, Celtic Quest

28) Celtic Quest, A Mhaihrin Dhileas

29) Celtic Renaissance, Scarborough Faire

30) Celtic Renaissance, Kemp's Jig

31) Celtic Renaissance, Fanny Power

32) Celtic Renaissance, Douce Dame Jolie

33) Celtic Renaissance, Dance de Bacio

34) Celtic Renaissance, Now Oh Now, I Needs Must Part

35) Celtic Renaissance, Greensleeves

36) Celtic Renaissance, Queen Of May

37) Celtic Renaissance, Road To Kaylee

38) Celtic Renaissance, Boru's March

39) Celtic Renaissance, Carolyn's Welcome

40) Celtic Renaissance, Cucanandy

NOTE: I've always been attracted toward music that tends to be imaginative, thoughtful, passionate, reflective, and at times melancholy. One of the most influential musical styles and artists from my early days (particularly high school through college, where I studied among other things, classical guitar and piano) has been the Moody Blues. They were the first rock band to mix the genre with classical orchestral music in their ground-breaking 'Days of Future past'. This group along with another rock cross-over from this early period, Renaissance, could be also credited toward eventualy paving my way to the celtic style. I have also provided some select works for you here from [ The Moody Blues ].

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