This site is dedicated firstly to my mother, Eileen (&Vic), who had borne me into the Irish-Celtic tradition. Next, to my grandmother and grandfather, Etta & Tom, to their other children and their families (my aunts, uncles and cousins), my Aunt Pat (Bob), Uncle Tom (Marion), Uncle Jack (Pat), Aunt Maureen (Bob), Uncle Emmett (Barbara & Kathy), Aunt Mary Theresa (Don), and Aunt Sheila (Norm & Tom). Also in recognition to our extended families ('the clan') in the Garrity's, O'Malley's, Flood's, Hollowed's, LaPorte's, Nugent's, Jager's, Cherry's, etc... and I'm sure, even more than I am personally aware of. I would also extend special recognition to the artists and publishers who have created this unique type of music and fine poetry (I have provided links to their other works for you to explore and purchase). This music ranges from the happy--to the sad. It is nostalgic, often pensive and introspective, and at times even dramatic--all the things that define the experiences of life-living-faith-hope-and-loss from the Celtic perspective. I certainly hope you will enjoy the collection I have assembled to share with you here.