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On this site I will be posting a number of celtic-related music pieces and compositions.
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Here I will share a compilation of contemporary celtic music from various artists. This mix has been crafted to have the feel of the telling of an overall story. The progression of pieces in this collection has been 'knit together' as
a whole to give an intense and dramatic 'storyline' kind of feel.

You may listen to all--or each piece individually by clicking each link. You may also download each selection by putting your cursor over the link and clicking on the 'right-button' of your mouse and selecting the 'save as' option. You may save all--or select files to one or more folders on your computer and play each--or the entire collection locally on your computer by setting up a Media Player playlist of your own choosing or record an mp3 disc. [ Detailed Instructions ]

1) Renaissance, Prologue

2) Renaissance, Kiev

3) Renaissance, Sounds Of The Sea

4) Renaissance, Spare Some Love

5) Renaissance, Bound For Infinity

6) Enya, On Your Shore

7) Loreena McKennett, The Mystic's Dream

8) Connie Dover, The Wishing Well

9) Rennaisance, The Black Flame

10) Loreena McKennett, The Bonny Swans

11) Celtic Guitar, First Two Pieces by Turlough O'Carolan

12) Mary McLaughlin, Bring The Peace

13) Celtic Guitar, Second Two O'Carolan's Pieces

14) Renaissance, Can You Hear Me?

15) Celtic Guitar, Suite

16) Enya, After Ventus

17) Celtic Guitar, Two Irish Ballads

18) Loreena McKennett, Marrakesh Night Market

19) Celtic Guitar-Three Pieces by O'Carolan

20) Enya, Exile

21) Enya, Miss Claire Remembers

22) Celtic Guitar, An English Song with an Irish Jig

23) Loreena McKennett, Full Circle

24) Celtic Guitar, Mixolydian Song

25) Renaissance, Can You Understand?

26) Celtic Guitar, The Trees They Do Grow High

27) Loreena McKennett, Santiago

28) Celtic Guitar, Shebeg and Shemor

29) Enya, Evening Falls

30) Loreena McKennet, The Two Trees

31) Clannad, Something To Believe In

32) Loreena McKennett, Prospero's Speech

33) Enya, Na Laetha Geal M'Oige

34) Clannad, In a Lifetime

35) Enya, Lothlorien

36) Clannad, Almost Seems Too Late (To Turn to You)

37) Enya, Evacuee -- [ OPEN MUSIC WINDOW ]

38) Renaissance, I Think of You -- [ OPEN MUSIC WINDOW ]

39) Enya, Marble Halls

40) Maireid Sullivan, Waly Waly

41) Renaissance, Touching Once (Is So Hard To Keep)

42) Emma Christian, O'Kirree, Thou Wilt Leave Me

43) Enya, Smaointe

44) Emma Christian, The Goodnight Song

45) Renaissance, Rajah Khan ---------- [ THE BONUS 7 ]

NOTE: I've always been attracted toward music that tends to be imaginative, thoughtful, passionate, reflective, and at times melancholy. One of the most influential musical styles and artists from my early days (particularly high school through college, where I studied among other things, classical guitar and piano) has been the Moody Blues. They were the first rock band to mix the genre with classical orchestral music in their ground-breaking 'Days of Future past'. This group along with another rock cross-over from this early period, Renaissance, could be also credited toward eventualy paving my way to the celtic style. I have also provided some select works for you here from [ The Moody Blues ].

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